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PACs have been around since 1944 when the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) formed the first one to raise money for the re-election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. A Political Action Committee (PAC) is a popular term for a political committee organized by like-minded people, like REALTORS®, for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates. The PAC's money must come from voluntary contributions from members rather than the member's dues treasury. PAC’s represent business, labor or ideological interests. PACs can give to a candidate committee per election (primary, general, run-off or special). They can also give up to any national party committee and annually to any other PAC. PACs may also receive contributions from any one individual. In short, PACs merely represent a legal way for individuals to unite and ensure their voices are heard at all levels of government.


RPAC is the muscle behind NAR, FAR and your local Board/Association. RPAC represents more than 1 million politically active REALTORS nationwide and more than 135,000 in Florida that members of Congress want as their friends. As many as 4,000 bills are introduced each session in the state Legislature. Elections decide who will be voting on these bills. RPAC helps elect the people who write the laws you and your business must live with. RPAC provides you with the opportunity to have a collective impact on the election of officials who will shape legislation that affects your livelihood and the way real estate professionals do business. Through extensive research and ongoing monitoring, RPAC keeps you informed, involved, and influential in the legislative decisions that are important to you and your business. Recent legislative and regulatory successes include: • The continued preservation of the mortgage interest deduction. • Tax relief benefiting the real estate industry. • Improving federal mortgage programs, allowing more families to join the ranks of homeownership. • Eliminating burdensome regulations inhibiting environmental quality and healthy real estate markets. • The continued preservation of the mortgage interest deduction; • Tax relief benefiting the real estate industry; • Improving federal mortgage programs, allowing more families to join the ranks of homeownership; • Successfully keeping “mega-banks” from entering the real estate business. On a state and local level, RPAC has helped to: • Protect commercial commissions through the foreclosure process; • Prohibit cities and counties from charging individual real estate agents a business license fee; • Fought and won a battle against a 100% increase in real estate transfer tax


Absolutely 100% of your contribution is used to elect pro-REALTOR® candidates. 30% of your contribution is forwarded to the National RPAC to fund key U.S. House and Senate races; 70% remains in your state and is used for local and state elections.

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